Microsoft Access Alternative for Manufacturing and Logistics

Mid sized manufacturing and logistics companies can often not afford expensive ERP systems to manage operations. Therefore, they fall back upon readily available database systems like Microsoft Access. However, Access is not the ideal solution for an organization that wants to operate in a distributed, internet enabled way. is an ideal Access alternative for these organizations. It offers the same capabilities, while being available through any internet connected device to distributed teams.


Online Alternative to Microsoft Access

Access all the features of Microsoft Access - relational tables, queries and reports, forms, sub-forms and more right on the web

No-code Online Database Management

Your single stop for collecting, organizing, managing, reporting and gaining insights from your data without any need for database expertise

Healthcare Admin Automation

Automate healthcare administrative processes without any database expertise

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Set up simple if-then automation rules to update data, send notifications, make assignments and more.

Example Apps:

Inspections and Audit Tracking

Quality Checklist

Supplies and Procurement Automation

Inventory Management

Staff safety certifications

Staff onboarding

Vehicle tracking

Import and export documentation